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Travel Attractions in Paphos This September

Nothing beats the ranking of horseback riding in Ride in Cyprus Ltd where beautiful wooden stables overlook the Paphos forest with magnificent mountainous views to Pano Panayia. Ride in an entire view of a forest and zero visibility of anything man made. If an hour ride would not give you enough, you may go for up to a week especially in spring and autumn. Whatever the riding ability and age of rider, Ride in Cyprus Ltd caters. The location is tailored based on horse riding skill that ensures riding satisfaction. Fear not, beginners. Feel totally safe with an experienced team of riders as happy thoroughbreds take you across spectacular geological sights and places. If you want to see a beautiful part of Cyprus at a lovely time of the day in a relaxed and different way, Ride in Cyprus Ltd is the answer.

It may be far too hot to take in all the sights but it would be brilliant to get to walk among lots of history if you are a culture vulture. Visiting places like Kato Paphos Archaeological Park actually costs a fortune but not in this big site with even a very helpful information centre. It can be a hot experience, not much cover from the sun, but very worthwhile with breath taking mosaics and architectural remains. Take plenty of water, take your time and enjoy all the park has to offer. The mosaics are the main attraction obviously but the various ruins all lend to the atmosphere. There are cold drinks machines in the center of the park and its location by the harbor area makes it easy to retreat to a cafe for recovery after hours on a hot day. Alternatively, you may go early before the heat sets in for shaded areas along the way. You cannot live in or visit Cyprus without visiting the Paphos archaeologies. This is where history was made.

Ayios Neophytos Monastery, just like Chrysorrogiatissa Monastery in Cyprus, is well worth the drive up into the hills to spend a hour in the monastery grounds, church and museum. In addition, spectacular views, car park, toilets, shops, and cafes are bound to be a further attraction that lines the serene location top of the hill location. Go into the caves carved into the rocks to see the stunning 12th century remains. The church that is beautiful inside and out is a welcome relief from the heat with lovely flowers everywhere and is a holy place indeed.

Experience hospitality and free wine-tasting overlooking the remains of a former village at Kolios Winery. This family run restaurant within a modern stone winery serves excellent meat dishes prepared by the proprietor’s wife but also caters for vegetarians.  Dine to your pleasure after a short wine tasting and an interesting our and talk. Visit on a not so cloudy day for a great scenic view. No free food, just excellent value, good quality wine. Try Status 99, a real standout. Make sure entry of this delightful beverage will be allowed by you home country, or enjoy it for the rest of your stay. Let’s drink to Cyprus. Cheers!

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  1. There really is so much to do in Paphos when you visit, it’s a lovely place. Personally I just love to soak up the sun and watch the world go by!

  2. There is no doubt in that paphos is one of the best and most visited tourist place of cyprus, because of various activities(as you well mentioned above) that one can perform there during their holiday.

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