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Top Ten reasons to visit Cyprus

Nissi BeachCan you imagine a place where the sky kisses the sea with its lips? Have you ever dreamt of a place where solitude blends with exotic natural beauty? Yes, there is a place where all this happens in front of you. Cyprus, the land with ravishing beauty has been the favourite destination for tourists for ages. The ecstatic sunshine and the warm beaches are major factors that tempt a tourist to visit this place, but there are umpteen number of other reasons why you should plan a vacation trip to Cyprus. After visiting Cyprus, you will definitely revisit this magic land in the future. The number of tourists visiting this place is increasing year by year and this in the visible epitome of the land’s intoxication. Cyprus is blessed with excellent weather throughout the year and this is the main reason behind the wide spread popularity of Cyprus in the tourism map. The place is also equipped with excellent resorts and hotels which provide a memorable stay for the tourists. We can have a look at the top 10 reasons to visit Cyprus on your next trip.

1) Exotic beaches and excellent resorts: Cyprus is blessed with some of the most beautiful and exotic beaches in the world. There are 49 Blue Flag beaches in Cyprus which gives you an awesome treat of sand and water. All these beaches are blended with the beauty of clear blue water and glittering sand grains. The resorts located at Ayia Napa, Limassol and Paphos are renowned for its hospitality and tradition. All these resorts are located in the banks of the sea. You can also try water sports, diving and sea fishing at these beaches.

2) Friendly people all around: People in Cyprus are well known for their hospitality and friendliness. You are guaranteed a warm welcome in this beautiful land and you can expect a warm, stress free and relaxing atmosphere throughout the island. 90% of the Cyprus population knows English and they will offer a helping hand to you in any case of emergency. People in Cyprus are very innocent and talkative. Don’t get amused if a local boy says ”Yah Sou”, it’s just their traditional way of greeting.

3) Food: Cyprus is the City of Foodaholics. Your taste buds will love these foods and will never forget its delicious taste. There are umpteen numbers of restaurants, cafes, coffee pubs and taverns across the island which will satisfy you in all aspects of eating and drinking. You will get foods ranging from pastries to Kleftico in these restaurants. Fish eaters will find this place as heaven in on earth. You will get fresh fish recipes which include red mullet, sardines, cuttlefish, octopus and squids. For vegetarians, Cyprus is a place to taste exotic fresh fruits. The island is blessed with fresh fruits and root vegetables which give an immense opportunity for a vegetarian to experiment his diet. The prices of cuisines in Cyprus are very much reasonable and it makes Cyprus a perfect choice for budget travellers.

4) Splendid Nightlife: Cyprus is the best place to enjoy your night life. Aiya Napa, located in the east coast is fully fledged with more than 20 night clubs. Aiya Napa is renowned for its garage music scene, clubs, pubs, bars and night spots. Limassol and Larnaca are suitable for night life, but these places are not as large as Aiya Napa. Nicosia, the capital city of Cyprus also boasts about its freaking nightlife. The city is equipped with luxurious bars and nightclubs which makes it a perfect choice for romancing couples.

5) Beautiful tourist destinations: Cyprus enjoys a rich historical culture and significance. There are many world famous tourist attractions in Cyprus which includes Paphos harbour, Aphrodite’s rock, Curium castle and the mysterious city walls of Nicosia. All these places are worth seeing and the memories will stay in your mind for ever.

6) Golf and Spas: Cyprus is a perfect destination for golfing maniacs. There are four golf courses in Cyprus which are of international standard. Almost all resorts in Cyprus are equipped with luxurious Spas and retreats. You can take a rebirth after an exotic steam bath and sauna. Health and well-being is becoming an exploding business in this island. You can also try horse riding and mountain biking all across the island.

7) Easy access: All major airlines across the world offer round-trips to Cyprus. You can travel to Cyprus in 4-5 hours from any city in Europe.

8) Troodos Mountains: Troodos Mountains can be considered the most precious gem in Cyprus. This mountain range is located in the west of the country and it serves as an excellent tourist spot in both summer and winter. Summer is most suitable for visiting these mountains as the hill sides will be lined with olive and grape trees and is a ravishing sight for any nature lover.

9) Local Wines: Cyprus is has been producing wine for the past 4000 years as the climate in Cyprus is highly suitable for wine making. You can enjoy and taste all types of wines through the local winery estates. If you are visiting Cyprus in the harvest season, you can take part in the Limassol and Afamia Wine festival.

10) Ancient Cultural Heritage: Cyprus is a place which holds a rich historical and cultural significance. The island is covered with ancient mysteries and monuments at every corner. The historical museums in Cyprus offer enough details for a history savvy person. Byzantine museum, Archeological museum and Ethnographical museum are the true eyes which opens the history of Cyprus. If you are interested in the modern history of Cyprus, you can visit Nicosia which is the victim of the Turkish invasion in the seventies.

Altogether, Cyprus is one of the best places to consider for a vacation trip. The place is neat, beautiful and blessed with natural ecstasy. ”So this year, plan your trip to Cyprus and cherish beautiful memories for ever and ever.”

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