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The Cyprus Waters: Onshore and Offshore

Cyprus is located south of Turkey and southeast of Greece. The two national languages include Turkic and Greek which is reflective of a mixed Turks and Greeks population. It accommodates several religious and historical sites from monasteries to castles, mountain ranges, all lending to various types of worthy holiday visits. By far, the biggest Cyprus trade is tourism with spectacular beaches under the summer heat as its priceless assets.

These magnificent Cypriot beaches offer cheap self-catering holiday to luxurious all-inclusive beach holiday.  Visit one from among the following list of some of the best beaches Cyrus has to offer:

  • Diana Beach – Literally hit rock bottom. This artificial sandy beach requires your surf shoes to walk the rocky water bottom. Go bare on a sun bed or care for an umbrella between you and the summer sun or let the air blow off as you drive your way around the beach with a scooter.
  • Alagadi Turtle Beach – The wide-ranging shallow part makes a great space for swimming the rocky sea floor. You may have to spare the turtle some space though, in case your visit happens to be in time for the egg-laying season of the Loggerhead and Green turtles. You may be lucky enough for a rare experience of witnessing a turtle rise from the waters, go onshore, and lay eggs. Call it wonder of nature happening right in front of your eyes.
  • Escape Beach – Get the experience of something far from the ordinary. An outdoor disco on a beach is indeed an escape from life’s little troubles. Name you kind of water sport from SCUBA diving to snorkeling and what more and they have it at the Escape beach. Play volleyball on its sandy beach as you retire from your underwater activity and later dance and drink all your worries away in the outdoor discos. European disc jockeys add to the mix. This beach is recommended for groups, families, and singles alike.
  • Protaras Beach – This is the best-known beach in the municipality of Protaras as it caters to visitors a wide array of aqua sports.
  • Ladies’ Mile Beach – More than sandy beach, the Ladies’ Mile is golden sandy. Come as a family and the kids will surely find the clear, shallow, and calm waters very irresistible as parents find the beach very safe. By the way, ironic as it may be, Ladies’ Mile Beach is mile long but nothing in the beach is just for ladies.
  • Curium Beach – The restoration of Roman Amphitheater is without a doubt an outstanding craftsmanship. Rebuilding it high above the Curium Beach waters makes it an out-of-this-world work of art. This ingenious structure indeed captures visitors by the heart as boats pass by from the vantage. It can be a rough sea at times but in general, its gentleness favors swimmers and lovers of water sports. A crowd is reflective of its popularity but can never go against the vast seawaters.
  • Pissouri Beach – This sandy pebbled beach is right in Pissouri village, thus, the name. Complimented by various water sports available is a school for SCUBA diving. Serenity rarely happens on weekends when there is over-crowding. Join the crowd on a weekend if you find more is merrier or otherwise visit Pissouri Beach any day of the week.

If you search harder enough, you may be able to find this fig tree up and alone on the beach amidst hotels and restaurants that line the beach front. This tree obviously named the Fig Tree Bay Beach. More beaches from rocky to sandy await Cyprus visitors for sailing, swimming, playing, sporting, and fishing. Explore Cyprus beaches and reap rich experiences as reward. Greatest beaches are all over and even if you will not find the waters so great, they surely would compensate onshore. The summer heat on sun beds, bars and restaurants add to the mix. Happy Cyprus Summer Holidays!

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