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Summerland Festival – An Event for Lovers of Dance Music

The Summerland Festival in Cyprus is two days of full electric dance music. This event is especially dedicated to people who love partying. Many citizens and tourists visit different places in Cyprus, like Limassol, Nicosia, and Larnaka. Since the climate in Cyprus is warm and sunny all year, people from all parts of the world plan on visiting this tropic island country located in the Eastern Mediterranean Sea. Cypriots are generally hospitable and happy people. They love going to the beach to get a tan or enjoy the scenic views. A number of festivals happen as well. This weekend, the Summerland Festival is celebrated in the major cities of Cyprus.

DJs from Cyprus and other parts of Europe are invited for this special festival. Individuals who are 18 years old and above are welcome to party, while those who are younger should be accompanied by a guardian. As for the dress code, clothes showing too much skin and those that express an explicit political, social movement or group are strictly prohibited.

The organizers of the festival exerted a lot of effort and time to decorate the event’s venue. Therefore, they are very protective of the embellishments used to beautify the place and have security personnel keeping an eye on people who tamper with the items. Obstinate guests will be escorted outside the setting and are barred from joining the festival again.

This year, the Summerland Festival will be held at Palm Lined Beach of Finikoudes Larnaka. It is situated in a place where spectators can appreciate the natural surroundings and attendants will keep an eye on each and every person to make sure that the festival ground will be as clean as possible.

This year’s Summerland Festival is a fund-raising event. The event directors are making it happen together with Dance4Life Organization which supports the anti-HIV cause. The organization’s aim is to unite young people aged 13 to 19 years old as well as to educate them to push back the spread of HIV/AIDS. The group originated in the Netherlands, but is slowly making their name and cause known in different parts of Europe. Thus, they decided to collaborate with the coordinators of Cyprus’ Summerland Festival. The Dance4Life Organization aims to reach out to young people in Cyprus as well as to the island country’s tourists. Attendees of the affair not only experience two days of dance music, but they are also supporting a charity event.

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