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Study Abroad – A Detailed Look at Getting the Best Education In Cyprus

Cyprus is a modern, economically thriving European Union country with a multi-lingual population, who apart from using Greek as their first language, also commonly speak English language as their second language. The Nicosia University, for instance, uses English language as the official medium of instruction and for administration in all its departments, save for that of Education. The best schools in Cyprus, apart from this premier institution, are the four private colleges that the Cypriot Ministry of Education elevated to universities in 2008.

Ever since the State University of Nicosia developed the Global Learning Semesters to be the organization that serves as its international marketing agency and student support center, the number of its students’ enrollment continues to increase by hundreds every year. This is, nonetheless, still low due to various factors, some of which are enumerated below.

One great misconception about Cyprus is that it’s a dangerous location because it a bi-communal state separated by a UN demilitarized zone. What most people, probably do not know, is that Cyprus is a stable country that has not that has not had any form of violence since 1974. In fact its bi-communal status makes it such an excellent place to learn more about international cooperation and relations, active UN-led negotiations and communal or ethnic polarization in a stable and non-violent society.

It is also good to get to understand a little more about the location of this nation. Cyprus does not experience the security issues characteristic of the “Middle Eastern” states. Cyprus is a Christian nation that neighbors Greece and is an ally of Egypt, Turkey and Israel. This country is culturally diverse as it lies at the crossroads of Middle Eastern, European, and North African civilizations. An average student would therefore be exposed to a Mediterranean experience not seen in any other place.

The State University of Nicosia is, without doubt, one of the best schools in Cyprus. It is one of a kind independent, co-educational, and equal opportunity institution that combines the best aspects of western education, high standards plus an international philosophy. Situated in Nicosia, an island that serves as the country’s capital, this university has fast risen to become a global center of education. It also boasts of a diverse student population comprising of members from different parts of the world. It has achieved continued excellence in all its programs through the adoption of high teaching standards. Besides the usual classroom curriculum, the Nicosia University offers a wide range of activities that the students can become involved in such as sports, student clubs and associations, seminars and public lectures.

Additionally, the university is an approved European Credit Transfer System member and is aggressively involved in community service campaigns in areas like environmental protection, fighting global hunger and prison inmates’ skills and knowledge building. To this end, it was recognized by the United Nations and awarded the prestigious “Global 500.”

Foreign students from non-Greek speaking countries have the chance to take courses in all departments apart from Education.
Some of the departments and the respective courses that might be of interest to you include:
- Business (Business Administration, Accounting, Management, Marketing and Hospitality Management)
- Humanities, Law and Social Sciences (Communications, Architecture, International Relations, Interior Design and law)
- Science( Nursing, Computer Science/Engineering, and Electronic Engineering)

Something even more wonderful and worth noting is that the best schools in Cyprus provide comprehensive student services ranging from site orientation, maximum support from staff, academic, housing and personal support to all the foreign students.

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