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So many great Paphos hotels to pick

Cyprus Paphos HotelsA bundle of options awaits you on your hotel-finding mission in the city of Paphos

During your trip to the legendary city of Paphos, Cyprus, there are many Paphos hotels to pick from to enhance your stay in the city and provide you with a memorable experience on your island holiday.

Choosing a hotel for your holiday can be a stressful decision. Do you want a 5-star award-winning resort, with the price to go along with it, or do you want to keep your hotel accommodation minimal so that you can spend your money on other activities – like scuba diving and mountain excursions – during your holiday? These are tough decisions to make, but after you learn a little bit about what the various types of Paphos hotels are available for you, you can start feeling more secure in where to stay during your stop in Paphos.

The resorts are famous

The small beach town of Pahpos – mythical birthplace of Aphrodite – is known as much for its cultural significance as it is for its fabulous beach resorts offering world-class service and amenities. Situated along the coastline in the Kato Paphos region, the city’s popular resorts offer guests sweeping views of the Mediterranean Sea and everything from massages to room service to amazing water activities.

The resorts can cater to any sort of holiday you are looking for, whether you’re looking for a family adventure or a romantic getaway, these Paphos hotels will provide what you are looking for.

Luxury at an affordable price

There are also a lot of mid-range Paphos hotels that don’t offer all the luxury of an expensive resort, but still offer amazing views, sprawling pools, and great locations in proximity to the city’s main attractions. These hotels can be very price efficient, costing as low as £27 per night (sometimes cheaper). The key is to look around as much as possible when you’re trying to find the perfect Paphos hotel for your stay.

You can find what you are looking for, just keep looking!

There are many hotels to choose from when going on holiday to the charming historic city of Paphos, Cyprus. Paphos has everything you might be looking for, from 5-star resorts that will wait on you and pamper you from head to foot, to ultra-cheap hotels that offer just a room and a bed to sleep on, and anything in between.

The most important thing to do when looking for your place to stay in the city is do a lot of searching and check online regularly for deals that might have just gone up. Start your search today and be that much closer to enjoying your time on the beautiful island of Cyprus!

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