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Simply Magical… Simply Cyprus!

Endless entertaining attractions and activities await visitors and residents of Cyprus. The network provides a comprehensive list of businesses and services, amenities and facilities, exhibitions and shows, and a whole lot more of entertainment and fun. Discover what is on and what things are to be done on this island located in the Eastern Mediterranean Sea.

Discover the history of the island through a visit to its main attractions like the Venetian Walls and Kyrenia Gate in Nicosia. See for yourself this historical site built by the Ottomans in the 16th century called Paphos Fort and the ruins of the Church of St. George in Famagusta. Explore the biggest mountain range of the island, The Troodos Mountains and trek the hiking trails or choose from among the several intricate monasteries and the winter sports resort. You should not miss to be present in the spot said to be where the legendary goddess Aphrodite met her lover Adonis, The Baths of Aphrodite. The little pond in Polis is fenced off these days and swimmers are no longer allowed into the cold water, however, it still makes a delightful picnic area for your friends and family.

Shopping, dining and nightlife will be best experienced in Ayia Napa, the island’s nightlife hub composed of a wide selection of bars and clubs, all competing for visitors and local resident’s custom. Party in big clubs, watch circus performances, or dig and delve in international cuisines available or otherwise experience cocktails and simple dishes in serenity at the Aquafront over at Larnaca.

The Cyprus Island is strategically located, so much so that it was prone to constant invasions from long time ago. As each and every invader spends time on the island, each leaves a mark of its own culture and civilization on the island of Cyprus, and this resulted to numerous influences by the Greeks, Romans, early Christian, Crusader Knight, Templar, Venetian, Muslims, Turkish, British, and a lot more. These influences will be observed in the presence of Roman mosaics, Christian monasteries, Crusader fortresses and castles and plenty of other attractions and ruins way back from the Classic Age and through the Middle Ages.

There are many other spectacular beaches Cyprus has to offer as well as water parks, golf courses, spas, restaurants and much more. The Cyprus Handicrafts Centre offers products such as beautiful handmade lace and embroideries, as well as pottery and leatherwork. Pick up a few to remember Cyprus and how it was to experience a magical vacation.

Cheap flights to Cyprus are available throughout the year and Cyprus Airways is highly recommended among major airlines flying into the island’s main airports. Getting around are made convenient by island-wide bus services available for journeys throughout Cyprus as well as intercity transport services. Taxis are relatively cheap and readily available in Cyprus but should be hired ahead of time. Keep hold of the business card of the reliable driver for rehiring in your future visits. For sure, you will return for more magical experiences. Book now and make your vacation simply magical. Make it simply Cyprus.

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