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Scuba Diving in Cyprus

Do you want to explore the captivating depths of the sea?  Do you want to enjoy the luscious beauty of the marine life? Then, relax and relieve your stress by taking a plunge in the crystalline blue water of the Republic of Cyprus. Cyprus is a Eurasian island country located in the Eastern Aegean area of the Mediterranean. Geographically, it is on the southeastern side of Europe, Western side of Asia (Turkey) and an island situated in the Eastern Mediterranean Sea.

Despite its minuscule size, the Republic of Cyprus is thriving in the tourism sector. The island nation is truly blessed with clean waters that attract people of all ages. It also holds the title of being the ancient home of Aphrodite, which creates tourist delight from time to time. Not only to those who show interest to Greek Mythology but also among others who like to eat, travel, shop and explore.

Because of the great influx of tourists, the island particularly offers deluxe accommodations in the form of five-star hotels such as Four Seasons, Le Meridien Limasol which is located both in Limasol. The rich natural environment of Cyprus attracts tourists across the world to enjoy both its best hotels and the beauty of its culture, folklore and people. Needless to say, it is not surprising that despite being a small island, it has very excellent tourism income along with high Human Development Index.

 Scuba Diving in Cyprus

Scuba diving is a great water-based sport famous in Cyprus. If you have been there, then you probably know that swimming and exploring the fascinating depths of the sea is one of the best features the Mediterranean Sea has to offer. It has quickly gained popularity among new and experienced divers because as a dive site, it has a number of spots available.

For divers, the progression of the shore from the simple sightseeing to the more adventurous wreck of the Zenobia ferry, the caves and tunnel and a number of other shore dives available is very ideal. Cyprus is simply the finest location for scuba diving holidays and “wreck” diving. Put simply, Cyprus is acknowledged as a worldwide state-of-art diving center.

There are a number of reasons why scuba diving is considered both as a sport and hobby in the world. Much like all sports, scuba diving is a perfect exercise to keep the whole body and mind healthy. Individuals who dive on a regular basis are fit and less prone to having illnesses. Furthermore, it is a perfect stress buster as it gives a great adrenaline rush.

While you fancy all these health benefits, you probably know that diving requires a formal class. You need to be comfortable in water because regardless if you’re a good swimmer or not. Equally, everyone experiences the effects of buoyancy. So it doesn’t matter if you’re the best or the strongest person in the world. In order to scuba dive, you need to be able to move under water in all directions to be an effective diver.

 How to Get a Diver’s Certificate

If you want to explore the sandy-bottom of the Mediterranean shores. Or enjoy the finest diving wreck sites of Cyprus.  You need to dive underwater to see the pinnacles it has to offer. To do so, you need to have the right equipment and the succinct experience. If you are newbie, there is no need to worry. You can earn a diver’s certificate after completing the law of the underwater world.

Sunfish Divers and Easy Divers are 5 star PADI dive centers than can help you with equipment and courses

First, you need to know the basic rules of diving to avoid injuries and even death for first time scuba divers. This is not meant to scare you. However, you must know that scuba diving is for those who take pleasure in the abundance and antiquities of underwater life. Therefore, if you are not of brave heart, then maybe you should reconsider the sport.

PADI courses are varied and flexible. There are on site diving courses as well as online courses to accommodate learners with a busy schedule. To do this, you need to identify first which PADI Scuba Certification you should take. That means, finding the perfect course to match your skills – whether it’s the fresh breath underwater, to the Open Water Diver Course or your Master Scuba Diving.

Second, sign up for a PADI eLearning service or call your local PADI Dive Shop or resort. If you are uncertain about what kind of course you are to take. Consider the advice of a scuba diving expert to assess your skills and to give you the doable option.

Third, start right away or check your schedule. You need to adapt to the pace of your diving course which means you need to devote your time, learning the course by heart. So, if you need to go underwater for your scuba skills training, make sure you can deliver

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