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Protaras TOP tourist attractions

protaras_eliasApart from the awesome sandy beaches and the wide variety of nightlife and restaurants, Protaras also has wonderful attractions and interesting places to stopover, from antique churches to movies for the whole family view. Here is a collection of the most famous attractions that are definitely worth visits: here are the Protaras top tourist attractions.

Profitis Elias-The church, Profitis Elias, sits to top of a rock at approximately 115 meters. It is a very inviting spot in Protaras. This church of Profitis Elias draws its dates back to the centuries, and also was built ages before any civilians had here moved to Protaras. Did you know takes nine minutes and only 156 steps to climb to the top where the church is located? From here you can take pleasure in viewing the whole of Protaras, which stretches from Cape Greco towards the end of Kapparis. A clear summer day allows a view that stretches as far as the Famagusta coast without the use of binoculars.

Agioi Anargyroi -Agioi Anargyroi is white mosaic located in Mediterranean blue which secured a slot among the Protaras top 5 tourist attractions list. This eye-catching location is a major challenge for almost all photographers on zoom and dimming their lenses in an attempt to renovate the beauty of these surroundings down on the photographic papers. In the early 80′s of the last century, Christian Orthodox built this church on the edges of the rock to depict respect to 3 saints that spend the most part of their time in rock caves underneath the churches. This scene is simply stunning, why wait for narratives about this place pay a visit and it would not be a wonder if u wished to stay longer!

Cavo Greco- The National Forest Park, Cavo Greco, to south-eastern side and end Protaras Island is the place to be. This one of a kind area has is rich in natural beauty and in addition also offers voluminous interests that range from cycling, climbing, air sports, riding, to hiking. There are close to 300 plant species if not more in this area. Also viewed in this area are foxes, and various classes of bats, butterflies and reptiles. For majority of the new visitors, it is a breathtaking experience just to climb to the very top, where you may enjoy the glorious views or spectacular sunsets. The region is located right between Protaras and Agia close to the costt.

Fig Tree Bay-The best coast in the Mediterranean is the other name known to those who have been to Fig Tree Bay. The name is symbolic of what one is bound to find here. The elder people assert that the resorts of Protaras took its name from specific beaches as the once called it, fig of Protaras. It would be no is a pleasure inviting you to these Protaras top tourist attractions. What you wish for is what you get, it is all at your disposal, explore nature today and narrate it to the next generations before the personally travel to this magnificent destination.

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