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Perusing the map of Cyprus

With so much to do covering the Cyprus map, learning about this island’s geography will make your holiday as exciting as possible

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Looking at a map of Cyprus, you may notice that the cities are stretched out, there are a lot of mountains in the middle of the island, and – generally speaking – there is a lot of ground to cover in the country. This is why planning a trip to the area can be a daunting task. While the geography of the island may make it difficult to get around quickly, it also makes for a great variety of heart-racing, refreshing activities to try your hand at spanning across the Cyprus map.

Half of what you see on the map

The island is divided into two parts. The Republic of Cyprus covers the southern part of the island, and the Northern part of the island is occupied by Turkey. The Republic of Cyprus is the part of the island to go for a great holiday, as well as the only side of the island foreigners are permitted to travel to. So, when you’re looking at the map of Cyprus and trying to decide which exciting cities to experience, look to the south.

Varied terrain and contrasting climates

Because of the contrast between Cyprus’ coast and mountainous regions there can be a great deal of difference in the temperature and the available activities throughout the year.

Near the beaches, the temperature is always pleasant. In the summer it stays in the mid to upper 20s, and in the winter it stays in the lower to mid 20s. In the mountains, the summers are nice – though it may get a bit cold at night – and in the winter, some parts of the mountains see an average of 2 meters of snowfall! The snowfall actually lends itself to a nice three month ski and snowboarding season from January to March.

Your island transportation choices

When looking over the Cyprus map and deciding how to explore the country, it is good to know which methods of transportation are best for travelling from place to place. In the cities there are taxis and there are buses. Taxis can be a bit expensive but offer the most direct and hassle-free way to get to where you need to be. Recently, taxi-sharing has become popular amongst tourists and can be a cheap way to enjoy the perks of a taxi ride.

The Urban Buses run all day – and in the summertime they run well into the late evening – and connect several parts of the city. Urban buses are great because they are relatively inexpensive and they can get you just about anywhere you need to go throughout the main cities. Since you are on a bus, however, the downside is that it will make several stops before arriving at your destination, so it may take some time to get places.

There are also Transurban Buses that travel from city to city multiple times daily, and Rural buses that connect the smaller villages to other villages and the larger cities. The Rural buses run once or twice daily, except on Sundays.

Lots of challenges mean many holiday rewards

The map of Cyprus shows a big island – the third largest in the Mediterranean – with cities that are quite a distance from one another, and rough, sometimes mountainous, terrain separating them. This can be both an obstacle for travellers and an adventure, taking advantage of each stop along the way. It is helpful to get out the Cyprus map when you are planning your holiday to the island so that you can decide where to go on your trip, and how to get there to make it the best holiday of your life!

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