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Flights to Cyprus and Cyprus International Airports

flights to cyprus

The number of budget airlines flying to the island of Cyprus has increased to quite an extent in the past couple of years; thus, many cheap flights to Cyprus are now conveniently available. Three major international airports, namely Larnaca, Paphos and Ercan serve the passengers who travel to and from this marvelous island, two of which were recently upgraded. This is the reason that the flights to the island have further increased. The island has now become easily accessible for foreign tourists and even those who want permanently relocate on the island.

Currently, the main airport on the island is Larnaca, located on the South East of Cyprus, which was chosen because the Nicosia airport closed down after the Turkish invasion in 1974. Based on its original design, around 2.5 million passengers per annum could be accommodated in the airport; however, now more than 6 million passengers come and go from the airport from time to time.

Not so long ago, the passenger buildings were thoroughly renovated and upgraded and the construction of the first phase of the new terminal was also completed. The terminal at the new complex opened in 2009 and is 95,000 square meters long with three levels and is capable of accommodating 7.5 million passengers per year. By 2013, the second phase of the airport’s expansion is also expected to be completed, after which it will be able to serve even more passengers.
The improvement in the infrastructure of the island’s main airport is one of the reasons that the number of flights to Cyprus has increased. Airlines on the island have turned quite competitive, and it is proving beneficial for passengers. The second major airport on the island of Cyprus is Paphos, located on the western side, and mostly charter airlines are catered by the airport. After undergoing improvements as well, now 2.7 million passengers per year can be handled at the new terminal at this airport. Since Cyprus is quite a small island, thus, both the airports are ideally connected with the rest of the entire island through the road network.

The international airlines that ultimately land on the runways of one of the island’s major airports come from cities and countries such as Amsterdam, Berlin, Edinburgh, London, Manchester and many more. Due to the increase in the number of traveling tourists to this island and those who want to relocate in Cyprus, the properties for sale on the island have become much more appealing to all types of buyers. While there are reasons that tourists from other countries love to visit Cyprus, however, two of the main reasons are the ideal climate and the minimal traffic jams on the island. Cyprus is the perfect place for people to relax and enjoy the surroundings.

Fortunately, now almost everyone can take advantage of the fact that traveling to the island has become so convenient and straightforward. With two major airports operating on the island, it has become more than easy for tourists to pay a visit to this magnificent island; in fact, all they need to do is look for cheap flights to Cyprus.

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