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Exciting Events Happening In Cyprus This August 2012

Cyprus people celebrate life throughout the year by having events and festivals related to films, music, dance, food, wine, Epiphany and fashion. These events offer great entertainment to people of all age groups in a family including elders and kids. By planning for Cyprus Holidays in August with your family members, you could enjoy the amazing atmosphere created by the following events.

1. International Festival Of Ancient Greek Drama

This event starts in the middle of July and goes on till the middle of August. During this one month, you and your family members would be enthralled by the amazing epic adventures that are staged by the drama troupes from across the globe. These heroic adventure dramas are conducted in three state of the art amphitheaters including the famous Kourion Amphitheater, Makarios III Amphitheater and Ancient Odeon. Kourion Amphitheater is located in Lemesos. Lemesos has a number of other attractions to spend time with your family members.

2. Summer Dance festival

This is a unique dance festival that is held in public places in the city of Lemesos. The dance festival is held for a period of one week in the first week of August. This festival has been organized primarily to draw attraction of the people, who don’t have time to spare for coming to a theater.

3. Lemesos International Documentary Festival

This documentary film festival show cases the documentary films and short films created by the film makers from across the globe. This festival happens in the first week of August at Theatro Eno near the municipal market in Lemesos

4. Wine Festival

Your Cyprus Holidays would be made far more exciting by this yearly wine festival. It starts in the last week of August and continues till the first week of September. This wine festival has been happening since 1961 and takes place in the Municipal gardens in Lemesos. By participating in this wine festival, you could enjoy different types of wines manufactured by the local manufacturers in Cyprus. There are some manufacturers who offer casks of free wine. In addition to tasting wine, you could also taste the traditional cuisine that comes in different tasty flavors. The entire garden gets transformed and wears a festive look with live music shows, traditional dance performances and theater shows.

5. Pafos Aphrodite Festival

This is a 3 day open air Opera festival that happens in the harbour city of Paphos. This year the festival opens with the magnum opus Otello, which is produced and presented by the famous Slovak theatre called the Opera of the Slovak National Theatre.

The festival venue, Pafos Castle Square is a great place to spend time with your family members. With the sea as the back drop, this castle provides a perfect setting for the audience to enjoy the opera.


Cyprus Holidays are incomplete without visiting the different attractions available in Paphos. Paphos is a UNESCO listed world heritage site and has a number of archeological sites to visit. The Greek Olympian Goddess of Love and Beauty, Aphrodite is set to have risen from the sea side in this town. Some of the other attractions in Paphos include the Mosaics, Tombs of the kings and the Paphos Odeon.

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