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Cyprus Holidays for 2012: Limassol, The Festival City

Limassol cyprusLimassol is the second largest city in Cyprus and is located on Akrotiri Bay, on the island’s southern coast. It offers mild Mediterranean weather, enjoyable throughout the whole year. Summer starts in the middle of May and ends in the middle of October. It is the perfect time to enjoy Limassol’s beautiful beaches. October and November are the autumn months. December and January are cool – yet you will still experience about 6 hours of sunshine each day. Spring begins between the later part of January and first week of February, bringing along with it a lot of green. Finding your way around in Limassol is easy because it has, apart from helpful and approachable people, only four main roads.


Of course, there are the many festivals which make Limassol an unforgettable place. The Carnival, a celebration of Easter, is the most prominent of them. The next festivals to take place in June will be the Kataklysmos (meaning ‘flood’) and Shakespeare Literature Festival. Here is what to expect of the two festivals:

Kataklysmos Festival is celebrated with lots of water sports, such as throwing sea-, or river-water at one another. Dance and song contests are held as well, with many groups dancing to popular songs known as ‘chatista’.

Shakespeare Festival is celebrated with great Shakespearean nights in the ancient and certainly interesting, theatre of Kourion.

Places to Visit

Limassol itself is interesting, vibrant, and fun. It boasts a great number of restaurants, hotels, beaches, bars, and shopping malls which every tourist would love to go to. The best places to visit are the following:

Kourion (or Curium) Beach, an amazing long beach that is ideal for people who want to go wind-surfing, canoeing, jet ski, kite surfing, and sailing. The waves can be a bit wild sometimes, so watch out.

Limassol Beach is several kilometres long with moderate waves. It has a children’s playground, coffee shops, restaurants, bars, convenience stores, cycling lanes, a pedestrian zone, beach volley, and accommodation.

Ladies Mile Beach is close to the new Limassol port and is good for the ones with kids. It has shallow and clear waters and is a famous kite spot.

Anotera Tavern in 1943 Street, is one of the most popular traditional restaurants in Limassol. It has a large variety of appetizers, meat dishes, and also special dishes for vegetarians.

La Maison Fleurie is the best place for French cuisine in the city. You can find it in #18 Christaki Kranou street, Potamos Yermasoyias, 4041 Limassol. It has rich and romantic surroundings and offers specialty duck and deer and Tsarskaya oysters and seafood.

Maximos Plaza on Makarios Avenue is a large store with boutiques with the latest fashion accessories from the most prominent brands.

Mythos Gift Shop in old town Limassol is the perfect place to buy souvenirs and handicrafts made from different beads and amber.

Four Seasons Hotel, regarded by many as the best hotel in Limassol.

Gioia Bar is a place where you can enjoy a variety of music such as house, Greek, and RnB, and is open until late hours.

With a perfect blend of modern and historic heritage, Limassol is sure to captivate your senses. If you’re planning to have an awesome Cyprus holiday for 2012, don’t fail to include Limassol in your itinerary.

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