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Cyprus Holidays: Ayia Napa

ayia-napa-2012Cyprus is situated between Africa and Asia which is now the favorite holiday destination especially among Brits. It still is making its mark to international tourism as the country offers best vacation places and people to enjoy the vacation with. Cyprus foremost boasts of its sandy beaches perfect for a sunny get away. Topping the list of must-see-places in Cyrus is Ayia Napa.

“Ayia” (Agia) meaning holy in Greek and “Napa”, in Archaic, is wooded valley situated Cape Greco in the eastern part of Cyprus. It is located south of Famagusta and forms part of a layer area of the Kokkinochoria, a name derived from its red colored soil). The place is also 8 kilometres from Proturas, another tourist destination.

Ayia Napa:  A holiday destination

Security.  Cyprus Tourism Organization supervises the beaches so you are assured that it is safe and secure and highly recommended.

Cleanliness.  All beaches in Ayia Napa have been awarded the EU blue flag for their level of cleanliness and facilities.  It has hosted one of Europe’s largest parties on the beach-the Kandi Beach Party in 2011 and gained international recognition for marketing and innovation of its park.

Food.  Ayia Napa boasts of its Fiji Polynesian Cuisine, something that tourists would really crave for.

Fun.  The place has been visited and frequented by famous celebrities and athletes. It is like having the vacation of a lifetime going to this place.

Local Government Support.  Local government has special programs in the promotion and preservation of marine heritage of Cyprus. Activities and music festivals are well supported by the local council.

History.  Historic, cultural and agricultural traditions are being showcased. As one enjoys the place, they are also opened to the colorful history of Cyprus.  Greek culture and tourism continues to attempt to make it to the Guinness Book of World records.

Going  To and Around Ayia Napa

Visitors can get in Cyprus through Larnaca airport, then a 45 minute taxi drive to Ayia Napa. Total fare should be 55 euro dollars.

Service taxis, regular bus services, or rent a car are means of transportation in getting to Ayia Napa. In going around the place, you can use the widely available bicycles, mopeds, or hire taxis and avail other car rentals. Or you can go around on foot, as it is just a small place to go around.

There are a lot of beaches, and a lot of tourist flocking to the place too, so it’s better to get reservations in advance. Ayia Napa is very famous for its nightlife. So be aware of the rules and beware of the law breakers. If you go in great numbers (family or group tour) a holiday villa is best recommended. It is more cost-effective than staying in a hotel.

Best Places To Visit

Nissi Beach.  About 4 km from the central square, have a younger crowd during summer. The place is practically bursting with life. It is best place for activities that needs a huge and vibrant crowd. BBC Radio One has staged its beach parties here.

Makronisos Beach. A more quiet and family oriented place located farther the rest of the beaches.  This has been choice for MTV’s and Kandi beach parties.

Grecian Bay.  This is situated near the centre of Agia Napa, a beautiful beach that stretches along three coves eastward of the small fishing harbor.

Cape Greco. It is only a ten minute drive from the heart of Ayia Napa, one of the most beautiful places on the island offering sightseeing and cliff jumping.

Thalassa.  This is the municipal museum that houses sculptures, engravings, ceramics and paintings of seascapes by the greatest 19th and 20th century Greek and Cypriot artists depicting the rich collection of marine fauna of Cyprus.

Makronissos Tombs. This famous place is located in the west of the village. It is the ancient burial site. As tourists visit, history is shared with them.

Ayia Napa Monastery.  This is the best known landmark of the area, depicting its charm of a sleeping fishing village within a thick forest.

Ayia Napa Waterworld themed park. This is the biggest in Europe which is open for  7 days in a week. Offers upgraded attraction, extensive relaxations for the adults, play area for the kids and lots of food outlets and gift shops.  Fun gets better in this place every day and every visit.

Your 2012 holiday is guaranteed at Ayia Napa. Sandy beach during the day and party all night awaits you.  This is one holiday you and the whole family will truly enjoy.

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