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Cyprus Deal: Events and Festivals

Paphos is a charming Cyprus town of spectacular beaches, lofty mountains, delectable Mediterranean food, hospitable inhabitants in explicit villages, music, bright sun, and fun. This town is where 12 mythology gods were once worshiped  Heed the Paphos call to live the mysteries today. Choose from the year-round celebration you would wish to witness among the major events in the district of Paphos.

The Paphos Aphrodite Festival is a yearly event taking place every September that gets the coastal city very busy. An ensemble of popular opera performs on invitation by festival organizers and makes a commendable show for opera and music lovers. In the past, performances included Verdi, Bizet, and Puccini. It has become a celebrated event in Cyprus since the first time it was organized in 1999. The open air venue located at the Castle Square lends to the perfect environment and atmosphere for everyone.

Amateur and professional runners are invited to join the Cyprus Marathon every March in the Paphos area. The sporting event incorporates three different distances for participation which includes ten kilometer road race, half marathon, and marathon. Join runners coming from all over the globe in the run from the starting point at Petra tou Romiou up to the finish at the square of the medieval castle. It is practically running Aphrodite’s legendary birth place to a road on the seafront of Paphos. The runners are provided excellent facilities due to a very well- organized event that includes more fun from more activities for friends and families such as the traditional Greek and Cypriot dancing.

Another annual major event happens every May called Pharos International Chamber Music Festival. World’s best musicians are gathered for top rated performances of classical music. The festivity takes a week long of fun-filled enjoyment for guests and locals alike. The activities switch among two locations, that is, the PASYDY Auditorium located in Nicosia and in a UNESCO World Heritage site known as the Royal Manor House in Kuoklia. Cypriots boast of the Royal Manor House as among the luxurious surviving monuments on the island that is of Frankish architecture. In addition, it has proximity to an archeological site as it is situated next to Aphrodite’s sanctuary. The Pharos International Chamber Music Festival was started since year 2000 by the event organizers Paros Trust. The event is facilitated by the support from the community council of Kuoklia and by French Cultural Center while enables recitals, series of lectures, and chamber concerts to be rendered during the period of the festivity.

It is time for Paradise Jazz Festival in the district of Paphos every September. The founders David Locke and Socratis are the owners of a bar and restaurant named Paradise Place near Pomos where the festivity is held since it foundation in 1999. In 2007, however, in an effort to expand the festival, the venue was moved to Polis Chrysohous center. It then attracted more people and better funding is received. To date, the festival has maintained its aim to bring over to Cyprus the best young jazz musicians of London for best performances in a comfortable and inspirational location.

This is a come one, come all invitation for foreigners and locals to experience the Cypriot tradition, the dancing, great food, and fun for which the Paphos region is famous for. Make the unique experience now. Make it a Cypriot experience.

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